LLM Screenwriter

LLM Screenwriter is the name I’m using for my project to figure out if and how LLMs can write a Hollywood screenplay. I use the label “Hollywood screenplay” to keep the bar high. It isn’t just about getting LLMs to repeate back story patterns they’ve seen but to try and do more, to be unique. As they say in Hollywood “uniquely familiar.”

LLM Screenwriter GPT

Up to this point I’ve played with many Notebooks and various tools to generate scenes, beat sheets, ect. But after seeing OpenAI’s First DevDay I’ve started to explore and dream from the persepective of GPTs. I was always afraid of making yet another LLM wraper but more than that, I believe I’m getting a glimpse of the future with GPTs, of working with the LLM to build a tool.

Check out my latest version of the LLM Screenwriter GPT and let me know what you think.